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Back Support Systems

The Angle™  is a unique lumbar traction device for those suffering from lower back pain. The Angle™ Pro diminishes pain while supporting the structural integrity of the spine, lessening the pressure on muscles and discs and allowing passive traction using the calf as counter weight. 

Benefits Overview:

The Angle™  has already helped millions of people suffering from a host of lower-back problems including fatigue, herniated or bulging discs, muscle spasms, stiffness, strain, tension and every day stress.

  • Positions legs at the correct angle to lesson lower-back pain
  • Supports the spine to diminish pressure on muscles and discs
  • Reduces discomfort for herniated or bulging discs, arthritis, edema, phlebitis, pregnancy, respiratory problems and sciatica. 
  • Eases aching muscles and improves circulation
  • Provides ultimate comfort while reclining or sleeping

 Product Details:

  • Insurance and Medicare billable
  • Made of environmental safe, medical quality polyurethane foam
  • Washable, hypoallergenic cotton cover
  • Patented and made in the USA
  • Four  Sizes: Petite, Small & Large & Extra Wide
  • Over One Million Sold


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