Conscious Capitalizium™

Our Lives Matter. Our Health Matters. Our Planet Matters. 

We know this and have created a covenant with you and the planet that in all aspects of our business we will operate with the highest level of integrity to honor that which we know to be the highest trust. We call this ethical conscious way of doing business "Conscious Capitalizium". It means You Matter. 

    •    We've been "green" for over 20 years, long before it was trendy.
    •    Our products are made from raw materials made in the USA.
    •    Our products are non toxic and we recycle everything we possibly can.

We Use Eco-Friendly Material

    •    Foam - Bio-Foam
    •    Latex - Organic  and  100% Natural     
    •    Fabrics - Organic Cottons and Bamboo
    •    Metal - All of our metal for our bed frames is recycled rail road tracks and processed using bio-farmed power generation
    •    Wood (every time a tree is cut in the forest from which our wood is farmed, another tree is planted)  


We Recycle Like Crazy

    •    260 million, yes million, pounds of foam was recycled by us and our affiliates last year alone.
    •    We recycle our plastic, metal and paper. 
    •    We use organic cotton and bamboo material to cover our products; from mattress to pillows. 
    •    Our plastic packaging is either biodegradable or has post consumer content, and all heavy metals have been removed.
    •    Our paper packaging is FSC certified, which in English means, we use 100-recycled paper and print with soy ink.
    •    Even our business cards are on recycled paper.
    •    Doing all of these things makes us happy and consequently we create a higher-level product and add more joy to the planet. 

Our Non Toxic Proprietary Memory Foam Process 

    •    Allows NO toxins to escape into the environment.
    •    Uses only half the energy that is usually utilized in less environmentally ridged processing. 
    •    Our bio-foam replaces a large percentage of the polyurethane, usually used to create such products, with vegetable oil.

More Information About Our "Green, American Made" Products


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