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The Doctors Choice™ Therapeutic Sleep System is the only pillow that is fully adjustable, providing the user with perfect personalized comfort for a sound sleep. The user may also change the shape of the pillow over time to encourage the restoration of their cervical curve.

Note: Our Pro line products are only available for purchase through medical professionals. Please contact us for names of professionals in your area.

Benefits Overview:

The Doctors Choice is the one pillow that meets users where they are and allows them to gradually adjust it at a comfortable pace.  Doctors Choice is fully adjustable allowing users to achieve personal comfort with the confidence that it will maintain its shape all night—thus encouraging the gradual restoration of the cervical curveMany people find it uncomfortable to switch directly from a regular flat pillow to most of the cervical pillows on the market. The change from a kyphosis (damage-causing) pillow to a lordosis (healthy curve) pillow is sometimes too extreme. This discomfort and disruption of sleep greatly increases the chance that the patient will give up and go back to their old pillow. 

  • Adjusts in hundreds of ways
  • In-home passive traction
  • Gradual process
  • Works for different sleeping positions
  • Perfect for the changing spines of children and adults   


Product Overview


  • Medicare and insurance billable
  • Memory foam
  • Machine washable, hypoallergenic
  • Fits conventional (king) pillowcases 
  • Patented and made in the USA


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