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Whether you are outfitting your therapy table with a topper to help speed back and neck pain recovery and distinguish your patients experience from the cold, hard feeling of vinyl cushion found on most therapy tables; up-dating that retro-RV's sleeping surfaces to give it all the trendy comforts of home, or giving that luxury boat or truck sleeping cabin a fresh-supportive place to rest while vacationing or working; our toppers can fit your need. 

To insure that your new topper fits snuggely, we encourage you to measure the interior of the surface you want to cushion before you order.  If a standard mattress size doesn’t accommodate your current needs, then please allow us to design a topper that will.  


100% Eco-Friendly

  • Available in 4-5-6 lb eco-friendly, soy-enhanced memory foam. 
  • No off-gassing or toxic fumes.
  • Anti-microbial and helps prevention of dust-mites, mold and other allergens.
  • Material is hypoallergenic.
  • Very helpful for Fibromyalgia patients.

Product Details

  • Non-toxic memory foam with patented air channeling technology.
  • No temperature sensitivity.
  • All product made in the USA.
  • Toppers sold on two characteristics: quality (density in inches) and price.
  • Choose from a Variety of Cushion Styles: 2-3" Memory Foam Toppers; 3" Solid Core Cushions; 1/8" Gel Pad Toppers; and Shredded Organic Latex Noodles great for
  • Covers sold separately: Medical Vinyl/Blue, Cotton/Blue, Sherpa/Natural, Organic Cotton/Natural, Bamboo/ERCU


You might consider DOL-Certified shredded organic latex noodles instead of a solid cushion core when preparing your next resting surface. Shredded organic latex can be used to fill any pillow or cushion that has traditionally been filled by other less healthy alternatives.                                           

To purchase 1LB bundles of our 100% Organic Latex Noodles call: 1-800- "O" MY BACK (669-2225)


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