The Flat Leg Wedge System 3-Pack


Body Smart

The Flat Leg Wedge System is an alternative lumbar traction device for individuals who enjoy reading in bed, who sit or stand for long hours each day, or who suffer from persistent lower body pain. The leg support of this system consist of a 6 or 8” FLAT LEG WEDGE.  When used by itself with the calves elevated above the heart, this wedge can help to promote circulation and reduce edema.   As a passive traction device this system supports the spine giving the body an opportunity to rest from the daily pressures placed on muscles and discs.  With regular use, individual’s report that they experience a reduction in pain associated with these stresses.  An EXTRA-WIDE ANGLE makes for a soft supportive surface in which to rest the shoulders and back, and attach a HALF MOON PILLOW. The accompanying HALF MOON PILLOW with strap is often used to ease neck pain and stiffness, or minimize migraine headaches associated with occipital-nerve tension.  A machine-washable, Sherpa cotton cover in natural is standard with each of the 3-pieces in this Flat Leg Wedge System.

System Details:

    Insurance and Medicare billable

    Made of environmentally safe, medical quality polyurethane foam

    Washable, hypoallergenic cotton cover

    Patented and Made in the USA

    Two Sizes: Small & Large


SMALL FLAT LEG WEDGE SYSTEM: BSS 1; RTB 115 WLS, AND BSS 5                              

LARGE FLAT LEG WEDGE SYSTEM: BSS 2; RTB 115 WLS, AND BSS 5                                                      


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