100% Organic Latex Orthopedic Pet Beds

Orthopedic Pet Beds

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Our all natural latex core pet beds will give your "best friend" the luxurious, crush resistant sleeping surface that they deserve - a 100%  certified-organic latex fill.

Conscious consumers recognize that our natural pet beds give you peace of mind and a restful nights sleep, every night.  Our pet beds offer you a choice of 100% shredded organic latex fill interior pillow or a solid 100% safe interior core made from a 3" latex sleeping base.

Latex foam is the only true washable foam. This easy-care feature along with a washable, durable cover make these beds highly resistant to moisture or soil damage with continuous use. In addition, independent studies confirm that clean, healthy latex is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and effective at inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. From veterinary care to playing best friend, it's hard to beat the value that these solid core organic latex beds offer.

Your choice of durable pet bed covers come in several rich colors including: Dog park dungaree, Rover’s raspberry red, and Hamburger hound.  Each premium cover is structurally and functionally enhanced with a lush fleece nesting area.

When you consider that these pet beds are the healthier, cost-effective alternative to cheap, poly-fill imitations doesn’t purchasing one of these long-lasting, carbon-conscious pet beds start to make a lot of sense?


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