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Large Ultimate Luxury 7 inch Gel Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed with Bolster | "Lucky Dog" Lifetime Guarantee Series | Most Supportive, Luxurious Pet Bed in the World | 100% USA Made with Certi-Pur Non-Toxic Foams | Engineered for Large Breed Dogs to Provide Support & Ultimate Comfort for Life

  • The best dog bed made, orthopedic or otherwise period!  Do you love your pet?  Do you want them to have the most comfortable memory foam pet bed made? Then this is it, look no further. Do not buy another dog bed before comparing ours. There is no competition really, We guarantee it!   
  • This "Lucky Dog" line of orthopedic Gel Memory foam pet beds are: The most orthopedic supportive supports up to 250 lbs - Technologically Advanced - Luxurious - Eco-Friendly - 100% Certi-Pur Certified Non-Toxic - Waterproof - 100% USA Made - Machine Washable Removable Cover - Temperature Regulating Gel Memory Foam - Superior Comfort Bolster - 100% No V.O.C. Adhesives & Has A Lifetime Warranty.   
  • 7 Inch Gel Memory foam topped mattress with a 4 inch bolster. 100% USA made with certified non-toxic foams. Lifetime Guaranteed to maintain 90% of its loft or your money back. Waterproof inner liner is an optional upgrade. The furniture grade microsuede removable, machine washable cover comes standard. Available in 3 sizes: Large, XL, and Mammoth (XXXL) & in 3 colors: Light Tan, Chocolate (both microsuede) & a heavy but soft 13oz. Blue Denim.   
  • We love our pets (& yours) and we set out to make the best dog bed the world has ever seen. The "Lucky Dog" line of pet beds are the result. These luxurious 7 inch thick, lifetime guaranteed dog beds are specifically engineered for large dogs up to 300 lbs. Larger dog breeds tend to have more structural health issues and need a specially designed bed to ensure our big friends age gracefully and stay young and playful throughout their lives. We worked with the world's foremost foam engineers and came up with new technology foams that work together to support like no other pet bed made. In fact, this combination is so good that we have begun designing people beds with this exact same foam configuration. The research and development that went into this dog bed is spawning the next revolution in pet owner beds (watch Tempurpedic & us of course for this new technology). 
  • The "Lucky Dog" Bed makes sense...How many $50-$100 dog beds will you buy for your buddy in their life??? You will only buy one "O MY Dog" Bed...well, probably 2 because you'll want them in multiple locations. Most dogs sleep between 16 and 21 hrs per day! Make an investment in your dog's quality of life, how could you not? Dogs are not complainers so you will never know if they are uncomfortable with their bed, they just do what they're told. What bed would you rather sleep on?

The Finest Pet Beds In The World is not just a tagline it is a fact.  Do you want your dog to be the most comfortable and healthy they can be? This is the bed that dog owners have been waiting for.

Working with the foremost foam engineers in So. Cal, we developed this hybrid foam technology. New open cell, super high resiliency foam has been mated with the highest quality gel memory foam to create the most supportive, durable and comfortable pet bed ever made.

Lifetime Warranty our exclusive "Lifetime Warranty" is for the lifetime of the pet not the owner. We guarantee that the bed will retain at least 90% of its loft for at least 12 years. No one else is doing this because they cannot, they do not have this foam. If your dog has incontinence issues, please wash denim cover prior to use, so there is no denim dye bleed through. 


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