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If you’ve been shopping for a shredded latex pillow, then by now you probably know that not all organic latex is certified under the Global Standards for Organic Latex (GOL).  With our premium pillow, we certify that your head and neck is being cradled by a generous portion of 100% GOL-certified, shredded latex fill – we like to call them “noodles” – and protected by our exclusive-breathable, cotton-bamboo casing.  Only our GOL-certified latex is made with real, all-natural foam rubber derived from the rubber tree.  The natural absorption of latex will keep you cool, dry and comfortable all night. These premium pillows are sterile and hygienic so they never require washing. Their biodegradable nature is good for the environment and has the capacity of lasting as long as 20 years, when used as a sleeping surface. 

Independent studies show organic latex to be inherently antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and effective at inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Additional latex is sold separately and can be used to fill any pillow or bedding that has traditionally been filled by other less healthy alternatives.                                           

To purchase additional 1LB bundles of our 100% Organic Latex Noodles call: 1-800- "O" MY BACK (669-2225)

When you consider that your family spends as much as three-thousand hours a year resting, then it starts to become clear why these 100% GOT-certified, shredded latex pillows are the healthier, cost-effective alternative to other “luxury” pillows on the market.

Part 260        PureSleep Standard Pillow  .5" X 20 X 24 19 ILD Naturalux Organic Latex  Bamboo Pillow Shell - 3lb Fill - Standard Pillow

Part 261         PureSleep King/Queen Pillow  .5" X 20 X 29.5 19 ILD Naturalux Organic Latex Bamboo Pillow Shell - 5 lb Fill in King/ Queen Pillow                                                                



* Re-newable: latex content can be replaced as mattress or pillows age



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