Orthopedic Pet Beds

Orthopedic Pet Beds


Our CertiPur-certified, bio-foam pet beds give unprecedented whole body support by employing a 3-5”, 19ILD solid conformed oval interior and a sturdy exterior denim cotton cover.  These “non-toxic”  foam beds are five times denser than regular foam and completely temperature resistant. This means that these beds stay soft even when the temperature turns cold.  In addition to being highly adaptable to compression and cold weather, this memory foam is also naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites. Medical trials have demonstrated that in human’s who suffer from illnesses like: fibromyalgia, arthritis and related aches and pains of the body, our products have shown to provide marked relief.  If these space-aged materials can do this for you, shouldn’t your pet have the opportunity to experience relief from their debilitating arthritis, hip dysplasia or joint and muscle stiffness?

Your choice of durable, pet bed covers come in several rich colors including: Dog park dungaree, Rover’s raspberry red, and Hamburger hound.  Each premium cover is structurally and functionally enhanced with a lush fleece nesting area, and embedded roped seams.

 When you consider that these pet beds are the healthier, cost-effective alternative to cheap, poly-fill imitations doesn’t purchasing one of these long-lasting, carbon-conscious pet beds start to make a lot of sense?


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