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If a child is given a pillow while still sleeping in a crib, it is recommended that the parent go with one that's small (the size of an airline pillow), flat and firm. It is best to avoid feather pillows, or pillows that are too soft.  These pillows can set off allergies, and could possibly lead to suffocation if a child’s head sinks into it while sleeping deeply.  A toddler-specific pillow is smaller than the average adult pillow, measuring approximately 12-by-16-inches.  Also, pillowcases are available for these smaller pillows.

All of our pillows are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so they will not trigger allergies and reduce bacteria, viruses, and other contaminates that may contribute to a child getting sick.   When selecting a MyFirstPillow™ for your crib bound child under 3 years of age, we recommend our standard small cervical pillow because of its low-profile, comfortable yet safe cushioned surface.  Made from our 3# bio-foam this product will not allow the toddler to sink into it.  The pillow’s low profile of 2 inches will encourage a healthy spinal alignment, and is soft enough to give the security that cuddling brings.

MyFirstPillow™ for the Crib (10X8X2")


What kinds of pillows may be wrong for a child?

Avoid pillows that are too thick or fluffy, as it is easier for the toddler to bury his face into. Also, avoid U-shaped pillows. These are designed to help infants sit, and are not appropriate for sleeping pillows. Most important is that you don't put too many possible hazards in bed with the child. If he has a pillow, don't give him multiple blankets, lose fitting sheets or stuffed animals at the same time.

How can a pillow help my child with periodic use?

Pillows can be beneficial for toddlers who suffer from chronic ear infections, the pillow can help ease the pain caused by lying flat.  A pillow can also soothe a child who wants something to "cozy" up to when they go to bed. This can help with the transition from crib to bed and give them something to hold onto and feel more secure in their new surroundings.

** To ensure the safety of your toddler and to prevent any chance of suffocation, it is important to know the facts about sleep safety. These facts include items such as the sheets you use, the blankets and the pillows. Know when it is appropriate to begin using pillows as well as the appropriate sizes, designs and other specifications before you put your toddler to bed with the wrong pillow.

NOTATION: It is important to note that pillows, pillowcases, and related bedding are considered personal hygiene.  As such we cannot offer a return option on these products unless there is a manufacturing defect or damage that has occurred during shipping.


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